Get your hard work seen & played by gamers around the globe.

Here's the gist of it

100% Focus on your game.

Get 1 on 1 with MakeGames to figure out your needs and desires. We will discuss gameplay improvements and technical, user acquisition, and creative topics that will help attract valuable users to your game.

No Budget Needed

We work on a profit split basis using our money to fund marketing campaigns. This means that you will need to focus on development and improvements, while we take the heavy cost of marketing on our shoulders. Our interest is to see your game succeed as we only earn money if you do as well.

Long Lasting Relationship

We hope you'll keep developing awesome games, and if that's the case we would like to help you along the way. We wish to collaborate closely with you and your team on existing and future titles.

#1 Submit Your Game

Submit your game using one of the many 'Submit your game' buttons. After you've submitted your game we will review your submission and schedule a call should the application be accepted.

#2 Testing & Planning

Get on the phone with our team and prepare everything for an initial test. This test will tell us a lot about the users, costs of acquisition, and more. This will also allow us to make improvements where needed.

#3 Scale & Payout

Through our paid marketing efforts we will scale the campaigns to reach more buying users. This will also assist with organic growth of the game. At the end of the month we will split the profits after all the fees have been deducted (marketing cost, platform fees, etc).

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